Flemish Muselaar / Virginal

by Kevin Spindler, 1991


Spectacular sounding and looking instrument by noted builder Kevin Spindler. This instrument not only has the classic look but the sound for early keyboard music with a powerful bass and clear registers throughout. Traditional Flemish papers and top quality soundboard painting and decorations. Merde d’oie green painted case exterior with historic period-appropriate turned dark stained heavy oak stand with vase balusters and stretchers. Working arpichordium stop.


Disposition 8’, arpichordium
Range 45 notes, extended bass, CC/E,F,DD/F#,G,EE/G#,A-c’’’
Action wooden jacks, delrin quills, bone slipped naturals, ebony accidentals
Size 67 1/4” L x 19 1/2” W x 36 1/2” H from ground to top of case

Flemish Muselaar / Virginal front view

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