May 20, 2007 Music for an 18th Century Drawing Room

May 20, 2007, 4 p.m. Savannah College of Art and Design, Kiah Hall, Martin Luther King Blvd, Savannah, Georgia

Anne will play harpsichord and fortepiano, and discuss musical life in private homes in England and the colonies in the 18th century, in an afternoon program for the English Speaking Union, Savannah, Georgia Chapter.

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Review from the ESU website
Our own Anne Acker was the speaker and performer for our meeting this month. To see Anne, one would hardly expect to see her moving pianos and other heavy musical instruments about, but that was exactly what she does for a living. Anne brought a Piano Forte and a Harpsichord to the meeting with her.
After our president Barbara O. Smith introduced her, Anne answered a few interesting questions about the instruments that she brought with her. These were beautiful pieces of woodworking craft that were either built or restored by Anne at her shop. Anne then began the meeting with what everyone present agreed was a stunningly beautiful demonstration of each instruments capability. It was actually more than that. It was a wonderful concert presented for our pleasure. Everyone sat spellbound while listening and watching Anne’s nimble fingers dance across the keyboards of the two instruments as she performed music by famed composers of the time. For a short time we could get the feeling of being back in the 18th century listening to a typical performance of the time. No one would have believed that just a month before, she had to postpone this performance due to a severely injured hand.
Anne, thanks a million for a wonderful meeting.