Author’s Note in children’s book about Beethoven and Nannette Streicher by Laurie Lawlor

Back in 2020, I answered an email and then had a long phone conversation with a marvelous award winning children’s book author, Laurie Lawlor answering questions about Nannette Streicher, Beethoven, Nannette’s pianos, my friend Margaret Hood, and Margaret’s last replica of a Streicher piano that I completed..  Much to my surprise, I received an email from Laurie that the book was being published this month and I was in the Author’s Note.  She asked for my address so she could send me an advance copy. I was stunned to find an entire page devoted to Margaret and me!

The book itself is fantastic!  Laurie’s research is up to date and thorough.  She amazingly took the wealth of accurate information and made it into a beautifully told book suitable for children with marvelous and period and instrument accurate illustration by Rebecca Statlandler. 

What Music! The Fifty-Year Friendship Between Beethoven and Nannette Streicher, Who Built His Pianos, for readers age 6 and up, is being released October 23 by Holiday House.