Double Manual Harpsichord

by Ralph Vaughan, 1974

$18,000  SOLD

This instrument is a copy of an instrument commissioned by François Couperin, 1724 and made by the Ruckers family of Antwerp for King Louis XIV. The original resided at the palace of Versailles. The original invoice for this particular harpsichord states it was replicated from original blueprints, drawings, x-rays, and utilizing chemical analysis of materials.    This instrument was well used and has received a well deserved full restoration by Anne Acker, including restringing, new register guides and jacks, new quills and dampers, and reinforcement of the stand.    Soundboard painting. Original papers on underside of lid.    Papers in the keywell and on the jackrail were too badly deteriorated so were replaced with new MacTaggert replica papers of matching style.    These could be optionally varnished for a faux aging effect to match the aged lid papers before delivery.


Disposition 8’ 8’ 4’, lute. lute is on upper manual
Range 56 notes, GG-d’’’
Pitch designed for A440, happy at A415, non-transposing
Keyboard rosewood naturals with maple inset, maple accidentals, cathedral arch arcades
Action Jake Kaeser registers guides and wooden jacks, delrin quills, shove coupler
Dimensions 91 3/4”L X 34 1/4”W X 37”H
Stand Painted and antiqued highly decorative wooden stand.

Image of a painted harpsichord with two manual keyboards and open lid. The case is painted in arabesque decorative designs and the legs of the stand are turned.

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