Single Manual Italian Harpsichord

by D. Jacques Way and Marc Ducornet, 1991


Beautiful, resonant, lightweight Italian made by two famed makers during their partnership and fully revived in 2021 by Anne Acker including Stephen Birkett (Historical Music Wire) brass. Stunning sound. Perfect continuo instrument, as well as a striking solo performer for the right repertoire (Scarlatti and early Italian, especially, in my humble opinion). Includes non-attached wooden fitted lid for protection and moving plus padded canvas moving cover. Case and stand have mellowed to a beautiful golden brown color as is typical for this type of wood. Easy transport in smaller vehicles!





A440, 49 notes, C/E-d’’’, extended octave with two split keys.


wooden jacks, new black delrin quills, boxwood and cherry


27″ wide by 74 3/4 ” long by 33″ tall. Cypress case with cherry inset on front side edges.


Two piece stand with turned legs and stretcher.

Image of a brown natural wood harpsichord. The cover is removed and the keys are visible. The legs of the stand are turned with ovoid shapes and long blocks.

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