Consignment Sales

Anne accepts certain instruments for consignment sales. All consignment sale instruments must be located in either her Pennsylvania or Savannah locations. Anne makes certain every consignment instrument sold is in optimal condition for sale. Costs of pickup and any needed work are deducted from the final payment back to the owner after sale is complete.  There are no charges before sale is complete. A contract is agreed upon and signed by both Anne and the legally responsible party for the instrument sale. 

If you’d like to have Anne sell your instrument, please send an email to with the following information:

  • your name and circumstances for sale
  • type of instrument
  • maker of instrument and year made (if known)
  • current location of instrument
  • any restoration work done on the instrument and by whom if known
  • current condition of instrument
  • lots of photos, including:
    • nameboard
    • case exterior views
    • pinblock area with music desk removed
    • jack rail removed down into jacks
    • a jack pulled out and resting flat
    • view into the soundboard and strings
  • anything else relevant and helpful

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