Italian Virginal Harpsichord

Well built Zuckermann kit, 1984


Meticulously built instrument from a popular Zuckermann kit. Especially perfect for virginal music, early Italian, and well, earlier harpsichord music in general. This center plucked design has a rich flutey full tone. Case and soundboard square and flat. No distortion. Freshly voiced and regulated by Anne Acker.


Disposition 8’
Range BB-e’’’ (54 notes), can be tuned to GG/BB short octave
Action Zuckermann Delrin jacks, Delrin quills, boxwood naturals, bog oak accidentals
Case 6’ l x (18” + 6” ) w x 9”h (34” h including stand)
Stand Matching 25” painted solid wood stand, easily comes apart for flat transport.

Italian Virginal Harpsichord Full Open

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