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from Atelier Marc Ducornet

“I wanted to let you know how much I love the spinet.  I’ve owned a lot of instruments in my life but this is the first one that I have been completely happy with, so I really can’t thank you enough.”
John Dudarchik, Syracuse, NY

Seeing a need for affordable, practical, yet high quality smaller instruments suitable both for professionals and amateurs, I decided to see if some of the wonderful instruments made in Atelier Marc Ducornet, under his AMD logo, would be appreciated in the United States.  They are very popular in Europe. I imported two of the Le Petit Clavecin model, and showed them at the 2015 Boston Early Music Festival Exhibition.  They were huge hits both at the Exhibition and in performance at two Fringe concerts by Atlanta Baroque. People are stunned with how they sound like much larger instruments, with a beautiful full tone, and wonderful touch. Both had new homes within weeks.

This is a wonderful time to take advantage of the strong dollar to euro and acquire a high quality new harpsichord at a very reasonable price, starting under $7000 up to about $10,000 depending upon the model and options.

Custom colors and options are available!  Inquire!

For full specifications, please see the AMD Logo Catalog.

AMD Cadet vert et rouge

AMD logo

Video of the AMD French Single Harpsichord played by Anne Acker in the Bach b minor mass with the Wesley Monumental Choir, 2018


AMD Instruments in stock

French Single Harpsichord (sienna red)

AMD Logo Instruments offers three base models…

Little Harpsichord "Le Petit Clavecin"

Little Harpsichord
“Le Petit Clavecin”

French Harpsichord

French Harpsichord

Delin School Spinet

Delin School Spinet


… and many options!

AMD Logo instrument color choices

Color Choices

French Harpsichord with two unison choirs

French Harpsichord with two unison choirs, lid, flap and music desk

Spinet with Reverse Keyboard

Custom Spinet with Reverse Keyboard, Turned Legs and two-color painted case with undercoat

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